Amuse Bouche

Okay so this one really isn’t an amusement for your mouth, but it is an introduction to my blog, hence the title. So, welcome! I thought I would start with that, and also with a disclaimer about a matter that causes me some insecurity. In my rovings around the food-bloggisphere, I have come to understand that photography plays almost as big a role in many food blogs as does the food. Unfortunately, my poor little camera is . . . well, not very good, and so the pictures that I do post are doomed to fall short of the magazine-worthy shots I am seeing everywhere. In addition, I’m still a little new at this and so I mostly forget to take pictures of the interim steps in my cooking. If I really get going with this, hopefully my instincts will develop, and I may even borrow my father’s much fancier camera to document my cooking adventures. In the meantime, patience with my old-school photos is greatly appreciated, and I will try to be extra descriptive in my writing.


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